The marketing agency Russian Automotive Market Research has been operating in automotive analytics since 1997 and today is one of the leading researchers of the automotive market of the Russian Federation, CIS and overseas markets.  
The leading position of the company is the result of great experience and commitment to high quality of the products offered to our customers.
Russian Automotive Market Research offers a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions as well as products tailored to customer needs.
The products we offer are a tool, which allows the market participants to estimate the position on the market and the market potential, to forecast demand and optimize development strategies.
 Russian Automotive Market Research is a regular participant of various professional events: exhibitions, conferences, round tables and seminars. Russian Automotive Market Research is proud of fruitful cooperation with Russian and foreign companies, European industrial and trade associations, embassies.
Russian Automotive Market Research offers:
Car, truck, bus, trailer markets
Auto component production and supply
Cars, trucks, buss, trailers in use
Model policy in Russia
Logistics in Russian regions
Car, truck, bus production
Technology parks, clusters, SEZ
Region investment potential
Special software Data Vehicles  for automobile market analysis that allows you to:
Analyze vast amounts of information 24/7 form any corner of the world
Cut information processing time to 2-3 days
Combine the parameters to analyze which broadens possibilities for market segment, brand, region analysis etc   
Russian Automotive Market Research
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