We need you to supply us with your brief biographical details and presentation. The biografies are passed on to the Chairperson in order for her/him to introduce you on the day. The presentations will be collected on the base-PC to be able to provide you with smoothly running the conference sessions.
All the documentation will be also aploaded to our on-line documentation so the participants would have the opportunity to learn in advance about our speakers and sessions.

Timing & Dead-lines

To be able to collect all the information in advance and to provide you with the access to our on-line documentation, we would like to kindly ask you to keep the dead-line mentioned in your check-list.


After your registration to the event, you will receive a check-list to precise the details of your stay. It will give us the opportunity to provide you with the most professional service on side.

Content & Format PPT

1. The content of your presentation should be relevant with the topic announced in the conference program. Therefore please communicate any changes with your producer in advance.

2. Please prepare your presentation so that every slide will have 2 parts in Russian and in English languages. It makes easier for every participant to understand the session without any language difficulties.

3. Please pay attention to the contrast of background and front colors in your presentation slides. It can attract more attention and make it easier to read.

4. Please use the animation and sound effects very carefully so the presentation won't be overcrowded by effects. It's better to insert the effects just to underline the most important information.

5. HERE you will find the PPT help presentation for example and navigator using.


AV Running the presentation, sound

We strongly recommend you to come to the conference in advance to be able to try the AV support for your session. Our professional Audio & Visual technicians will be on side to support you before and during the session. If you have made any changes in your presentation it is needed to upload the file to our base-PC and to double-check it with our equipment. Before the session you will be provided with a microphone, table screen or a notebook, laser-pointer & flash-remote to manage your presentation. All the requirements mentioned in your check-list will be agreed with our coordinators in advance.


During the conference we will provide you with simultaneous interpreting from and to English-Russian languages. In case of interpretation needed please take a receiver set before the sessions at our registration desk. To be able to provide you with the best interpretation service we would like to kindly ask you to keep the following rules:

1. Please try to keep your speech slowly so the interpreters will be able to be more precise to the details of your presentation.

2. Please use the microphone during the whole your presentation, this is the only way to follow your speech from the interpreting booth

3. During the questionnaire time, please wait while someone is speaking or asking, because it would cause some difficulties to provide you with quality interpretation service.


Evaluation form

During the registration you will get the conference documentation pack where you can find an evaluation form. This document helps us to improve the quality and content of our future events for you.

Updated presentations, on-line documentation

After the conference we will update the on-line documentation, so you will have the access to the most actual information.


Would you have any suggestions or advises how we could make the event more comfortable and interesting for you, please don't hesitate to contact our operations department on

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