In the highly competitive environment of modern business, improving efficiency and reducing costs is one of the primary challenges for companies of any industry. In order to stay competitive, companies must ensure that limited resources are utilized in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. In this regard, lean enterprise systems, total quality management, six sigma, and emerging enterprise process improvement tools are highly sought out methods to improve competitiveness and beat back the competition.

Many companies, to one extent or another, use continuous improvement practices to improve their operations. The results of these efforts show beyond a doubt that they have yielded significant gains thanks to a decrease in all cost types. As most companies know, the key to reducing costs and improving efficiency is not merely to cut, but to optimise business processes.

This IC|Energy business event will bring together industry professionals to share an opportunity to learn from industry experts as well as each other in discussing the latest tools and management approaches. Participants will  debate the current challenges faced by process excellence business professionals and their timely and innovative solutions. By combining wide industry-specific experience from highly regarded participants, this conference will provide inspiration, insight and a comprehensive view to the implementation of continuous improvement practices at all stages of process optimisation.

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