Information flows like a river from its source to the end user. Corporate and business information not only flows in traditional path, but in this peer connected world, it can flow to many users through many channels all at the same time. Knowing where your information is at any given time is a challenge not only unmet in many organizations, but in some cases not even considered. Electronic data processing can play a crucial role in affecting efficiency and productivity in organizations both large and small. Specifically in Russia, the latest amendments to  legislation have introduced the wide spread use of electronic signatures, and electronic invoicing. Electronic Data Interhcange (EDI) continues to prove its business value by lowering costs, improving speed, accuracy and business efficiency. State authorities and contractors are increasingly looking to EDI as a vital component of their efficiency efforts and emerging strategies.

This IC|Energy business event will bring together practitioners from business, government and service providers to share their insight gained from practical experience about the benefits and advantages of using electronic document flow. In addition, experts will discuss key regulatory changes that govern EDI as well as practical aspects of submitting electronic documents to the tax authorities. Leading software development companies will present their solutions to automate work-flow of primary accounting documents, as well as efficiently handle large volumes of unstructured information, creating digital archives and managing them.

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