Collateral is used to ensure the repayment of a bank loan. Efficient collateral management is an integral part of a financial institution’s success today. Banks that better manage their collateral not only save money but become more competitive in the marketplace. Improved collateral management helps banks lower their financing costs, and frees up liquidity that could be put to other uses.

One of the key problems of using the mechanism of collateral facing lenders today is the problem of determining the value of the property transferred as collateral. And here comes to the fore collateral management offices, where the quality of work depends on how much banks will be protected in case of problems with the repayment of commercial loans.

At IC|Energy conference we will bring together professionals from leading Russian and international banks to share practical experience on collateral management to improve the bottom line. Collateral experts will discuss the practical aspects of working with different types of collateral accepted for loans and will speak about issues of interaction between banks, legal and appraisal companies.

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