The global aviation industry is on the cusp of radical change and evolution in the function and operation of airport facilities and terminals. Airports are facing a wide range of challenges from coordinating evolving security measures to improving ground handling services. In addition, local, national and international regulations concerning operations and commercial activity may be in contrast to one another.

Constant competition, strained, slumping or even out of control growth, spiking traveler throughput due to major sport and cultural events and route network development are pushing airports to adapt and overcome in a highly unstable and competitive environment. Solutions such as rebranding, enhancing and promoting commercial activity, adopting pioneering business services, maintaining and increasing passenger flow, and improving cargo services are only a few of the directions airports are adopting.

State and private airports are equally interested in improving operations and enhancing passenger flow as indicated by the renewed interest from both state and private investors.  New regional airport centers, new hubs and new city-airport concept show that the market is on the rise, but not without its challenges and pitfalls.
This international conference on airport management will be a unique platform for the practical exchange of experiences and information between leading state, private, capital and regional airports, as well as service providers, and experts from various related disciplines. Presentations on innovative ground handling operations, aviation and commercial development and integrated airport management will create a solid framework around which participants can implement innovative business approaches into airport operations. Hands-on collaborative sessions will help you accumulate real life experience to apply to your most pressing challenges and opportunities.

As a part of the event, participants will be escorted to the award winning Warsaw Chopin Airport where they will be hosted for a tour of the facilities. The Warsaw Chopin Airport is one of the most dynamic airports in Europe. It’s most notable recent achievement was the success it had in handling the influx of international travelers attending EURO-2012. Official representatives of the airport will make a presentation and guide a tour of the premises and facilities exclusively for conference participants.

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