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Finance leases continue to suffer from margin compression.  This is not surprising as they are increasingly looked upon as loan equivalents.  From an economics point of view, they are indeed loan-like; from an accounting point of view, they are booked as though they are a loan; and, from a tax point of view in most countries they are treated the same way as a loan! 

On the other hand, operating leases are increasingly becoming the product of choice.  This too, is not surprising as the product provides the lessee with a host of benefits that finance leases do not; and, simultaneously allows the lessor to benefit from profit sources not found in finance leases.


Amembal & Associates is the world’s foremost authority in lease training, consultancy and publications.  Over 75,000 leasing professionals from 80 countries throughout the world have attended seminars and conferences organized by the firm.  Of the 16 leasing publications authored and published by the firm, two have been industry bestsellers - “The Handbook of Equipment Leasing” and “Winning With Leasing”. 

Additionally, and particularly having to do with operating leases, Mr. Amembal authored “A Complete Guide to Operating Leases”, the only publication of its kind.  Mr. Amembal has chaired the annual World Leasing Convention continually since 1993 and will chair the forthcoming 2014 Operating Lease Conference.

The conference will have simultaneous translation into Turkish.

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