This coming May will see the fifth time that IC Energy will bring together Heads of Treasury from the largest and most influential Russian and CIS companies to participate in the Annual Corporate Treasurers Forum.  The year’s event focuses on Treasury as a Profit Centre
For this exclusive IC Energy Event, we are combining a high degree of interactivity, the very latest updates to relevant issues, new viewpoints and participants as well as a balanced program of the issues most important to Treasury.

Treasurers face a number of recurring and consistent problems, such as improving the efficiency of the Treasury department performance, business process optimisation, implementation and improvement of process automation and more.  As well, Treasurers are faced with emerging trends like the move to centralization of the Treasury within groups of companies and holdings.  Likewise, due to the depreciation of national currency in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine and elsewhere, Treasurers are facing the problem of hedging currency risks.

These new market conditions require fresh and innovative solutions. Unfortunately, the Central Bank of Russia is tightening its policy for banks  and complicating the interaction of the corporate sector with its partner banks. In this current situation, Treasurers face the option of building a mutually beneficial relationship with partner banks, reducing the number of partner banks or less obvious options? And what can financial institutions offer their corporate clients while adhering to the new restrictions of the financial system?

 Participants of the Forum in 2014 will have a unique opportunity to learn about, observe and engage with peers and leaders in Treasury to discuss, listen and propose solutions to these and many other current affairs in Treasury.  In addition, Participants will also to establish valuable business contacts that will enrich and improve their professional lives and job performance.

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