The world in which your institution exists, has evolved into a global village while the environment in which you work and operate is fast becoming a local endeavor on a global scale. 
Businesses searching for the edge today are establishing a presence in strategically important areas while gaining from unique partnering and client opportunities through branch networks. The bigger an institution is, the greater the impact of branch performance will be on its business success. The more a company initiates branch networks in their core strategy in pursuit of their goals, the more they need to understand the strategies of successful Branch Network Optimization.

Institutions and individuals charged with their well being must understand the driving changes in branch-office network infrastructure. Positive trending business continuity fundamentally accelerates resource centralization, driving critical assets into the enterprise headquarters and data center, and causing ripple effects on branch and remote offices.
Branch Networks can be the foundation for solid root growth in important regions around the globe, but they can also pose security, operational, and performance challenges.  The challenges of Branch Networks are many, and organizational shortcomings and failures can cost time, money, reputation and market share. 

To address the emerging issues and established challenges in Branch Network Optimization, IC ENERGY is pleased to present a unique and interactive Business Event, "Strategies of corporate expansion and branch network optimization "
This exclusive IC Energy Event will bring together leading industry experts, corporate leaders from a wide range of industries and practical solution providers to address current challenges, emerging t trends and evolving solutions for successful  Branch Network management and expansion.

"Strategies of corporate expansion and branch network optimization" will help institutions identify opportunities for network  growth points, find new opportunities to establish regional presence and generate income in both domestic and overseas markets. For companies that already have an extensive branch network, the conference will give participants and opportunity to analyze and identify best practices in top Branch Networks to increase the effectiveness of their current Branch Networks.

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