Collateral management is a rapidly evolving and complex exchange affected by emerging technologies, competitive pressures finance industry, and heightened risk from the increasing prevalence of financial devices like derivatives, securitization of asset pools, and counterparty leverage. Today’s collateral management is a web of interrelated functions and processes that demand the utmost attention combined with a full understanding of the latest trends and tools.

Efficient collateral management is integral critical function in and of a financial institution’s success and sustainability, with inherent risk and rewards. Banks that better manage their collateral not only save money but become more competitive in the marketplace. Improved collateral management helps banks lower their financing costs,

Key to the core concept of collateral management is understanding and determining the value of propose collateral assets proposed. At the leading edge of this effort are collateral management offices, where the quality of work depends on the mitigation of risk in retrieval of fair market value for at risk commercial loans and obligations.

This 2nd Annual IC|Energy conference will bring together professionals from leading Russian and international banks to share their practical experience in collateral management with a focus on improving and lowering inherent expenses. Collateral experts will discuss the practical aspects of working with different types of collateral accepted for loans and will speak about the interaction between banks, legal firms and appraisal companies.

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